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Our step-by-step process forcompanies

Tell us about your needs

At Konexio, we know that finding the right candidate can be a challenge. Allow us to help you. Start by contacting us and tell us what your hiring needs are.


The Search Begins

Once we have your requirements, our team of recruitment experts will start the search. We evaluate each candidate and present you with validated options, both in technical skills and soft skills.

In 10 days we will have candidates for you!


Select the Best Candidate

You have the power to choose Review the candidates we propose and select the one that best suits your needs.


Preparations for Migration (if applicable)

If you choose to form teams in the same territory, once you have chosen your candidate, we start working on the documentation and preparations for your migration. We work with the best lawyers to obtain Highly Qualified Professional Visas in the shortest time possible.


Migration and Reception

We manage the visa and facilitate the migration of the developer to Europe, being able to join our offices in Dative’s Digital Hub. We offer follow-up, support and consultancy. This is where your journey with us begins.


18 Months of Quality Service

The professional will work in the Digital Hub for 18 months, providing high quality services for your company.

After this period, we will jointly decide on the best way forward; it may be time for the employee to join you in your offices.


You Are Not Alone

Our commitment does not stop here. We offer continuous follow-up and support to ensure that both you and the candidates are satisfied.



Fee for the selection, migration and hiring process


Months in the digital hub

We offer the best price in the market


The konexio you need

The konexio you need

The konexio you need

The konexio you need

The konexio you need







What is Konexio and how can it help my company?

Konexio is a service specialized in the attraction and mobility of international technological talent. We help companies efficiently and effectively find and hire the best candidates in the field of technology.

We find the international technological talent you need, expedite visa procedures with our Fast Track, and provide personalized support through our Digital Hub.

How does the recruitment process work with Konexio?

Our recruitment process is simple. We communicate with you to understand your needs, then use our network and advanced tools to find outstanding candidates that fit your requirements. We facilitate interviews and technical tests, and help you make the best hiring decision.

What happens after selection?

The selected person will work remotely for you, adapting to our time zone while we gather all the necessary documentation to process your visa. Once obtained, we manage the process of transfer and reception in our offices in Dative.

It will be integrated into our Digital Hub during the first period of time. The Digital Hub is our digital center, where our teams work to give you the best possible service.

Once you both feel comfortable working together, you will have the opportunity to work together in your offices, if you wish.

How does Konexio guarantee the quality of the candidates presented?

At Konexio we use a rigorous selection process to guarantee the quality of the candidates presented to the companies. We have a technical team that evaluates and verifies the skills and experience of the candidates before submitting them..

What is the advantage of using Konexio over other recruiting options?

Konexio offers access to a global network of technical talent, and accompanies selected candidates throughout the mobility and adaptation process. Save time and resources by quickly finding the best talent for your company, and make sure they have a good mobility experience.

What types of companies benefit most from Konexio?

Konexio is suitable for companies of all sizes looking for tech talent, from startups to large corporations. Our flexibility allows us to adapt to your specific needs.

Don't wait to take the first step, do things differently today.