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Our candidate process step by step

Do not delay any longer and take the initial step

Complete a short and simple form. Upload your CV, and that’s it! This will take approximately 5 minutes.

Make sure you have a complete and attractive CV and LinkedIn profile.


We get to know each other better by talking

You will receive an email to arrange a virtual meeting or a phone call. The idea is that we can tell you more about us and deepen your experience and aspirations.

We want to find the company that matches your interests perfectly!


Time of demonstration

Prepare a coffee and let’s coordinate a technical interview. This is the time to demonstrate all your skills, and go into more detail about your experiences and technical skills.


You are very close, you have a Match!

When we find the perfect European companies for your profile, we will send you job opportunities that we believe may be a good fit both personally and professionally.

You choose which companies you say yes to.


Meet the company

We will organize a virtual meeting so that they can get to know you, and you can get to know them! Take this opportunity to ask questions about the objectives and your role. You may also have another technical evaluation performed.


Receive a job offer

When a company is interested in having you join their team and you accept the offer, we will sign a contract with our company for you to start freelancing from your country. In the meantime, we will manage the work visa, and once that is ready….


Welcome to Spain!

In Spain, we will sign a contract and you will be part of our payroll as an employee. This will allow you to join a team of Latin Americans who came to do the same as you.

We will also assist you in the whole emigration process, such as providing you with advice on finding accommodation, administrative and legal matters, etc. . We are already experts! 🙂


The match you need

The match you need

The match you need

The match you need

The match you need







How can I register as a candidate in Konexio?

To register as a candidate at Konexio, please visit our website and complete your profile. Be sure to include your experience and technical skills so that we can find suitable opportunities for you.

How does Konexio help me find a job?

Konexio connects you with European companies looking for your skill set. We use advanced algorithms and our network to present you with relevant job opportunities.

How much does it cost to use Konexio as a candidate?

Registering and using Konexio as a candidate is completely free of charge. We do not charge fees to candidates for using our services.

How does Konexio protect the confidentiality of my personal and contact information?

The confidentiality of your personal data is fundamental for us. We use security measures and share your information only with companies interested in your profile that you have previously approved.

What advantages does Konexio offer candidates compared to other job search platforms?

Konexio stands out for its focus on the technology sector and the quality of the opportunities available. We work closely with European companies in search of talent. In addition, we provide a personalized selection process and assistance in the legal process of the work visa, relocation and adaptation in the new city.

And how is Vizcaya?

The region of Vizcaya, or Bizkaia in Basque, is a province in the Basque Country, Spain. It is known for its beautiful scenery, which includes mountains, beaches and rural areas. It is also home to important cities such as Bilbao, which is an economic and cultural center of the region.

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